Stephany Vital

Writer of curiosities


Three rules, one secret, a lifetime of lies.

Analise’s family has three cardinal rules: never allow anyone to photograph you, abandon your house if the ground surrounding it becomes infertile, and never leave land. While she loves her family, she detests their strange restrictions and nomadic lifestyle and longs for the day she can leave them to pursue a normal life.

The meager wages she earns cleaning hotel rooms make her prospects seem grim until she meets Marcos Cardoso, the owner of a modeling agency who offers to represent her. Knowing her family would disapprove, Analise moves out, lies about her new occupation, and pretends to live as before to pass their surprise inspections of her apartment. Believing there are no repercussions, she revels in her newfound freedom and dares to consider breaking another rule by planning an international trip. 

Her plans are interrupted when Josefine, a spiritualist cult leader obsessed with exterminating Analise’s bloodline, sees Analise on the cover of a magazine. With the cover and an item stolen from Analise’s apartment, Josefine conjures a dark work to infect Analise with a disease that will slowly destroy her if she disregards the rules that protect her. For Analise to survive, she must uncover a history her family never wanted her to know.