Stephany Vital

Writer of curiosities

About Stephany

Stephany was born to an American father and a Brazilian mother in Illinois, but her father's work moved the family around the United States and the world. By the time she was 22, Stephany had lived in five states, three countries, and visited cities on all but one continent (Antarctica is on the bucket list). The experience gave her an appreciation for different cultures, lifelong friends, and a love of food from all over the world (with a special place in her heart for tapas). 

Stephany is afflicted with a severe case of wanderlust but has managed to tame her urges and maintain a permanent residence in Florida with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she scours Pinterest and Amazon, sells things to make room for her new purchases, and then bothers her husband to change the color of the walls to match everything she has just bought (moving almost every year will do that to a person).

To give her husband a break, Stephany is an avid reader, enjoys planning and hosting parties, learning about photography, and trying out new recipes in the hopes someone in the house will find the food edible.